WAVY-TV/WVBT Internship Program


Internships provide individuals with practical experiences in a career setting. These experiences often allow them to apply their formal course work to day-to-day operations of communication-related jobs. All internships must be used in conjunction with college credit and are unpaid. Individuals applying for an internship must be an upcoming college junior or senior to be eligible.

Individuals planning for an internship must remember that WAVY/WVBT invest time and effort guiding and training interns. Services of value are expected in return. The internship is a reciprocal arrangement. Individuals exchange their efforts in return for on-the-job-type training and work-type experience.

There are a limited number of summer internships available that are paid by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters. Applications are available October through January and can be obtained from the VAB at www.vabonline.com or by calling 434-977-3716.

Obtaining the Internship

In general, individuals apply for an internship in the way they would apply for a job. An Internship Application and/or resume and cover letter is required. The applicant should expect to interview with various department managers to determine appropriate fit and/or potential for the internship.

When applying for an internship, please complete the Internship Application AND send with a cover letter and resume to:

Internship Coordinator
300 Wavy Street
Portsmouth, VA  23704

You may visit our website at www.wavy.com; from the MORE tab click on ABOUT US and click on the link for the Internship program. Scroll to the middle of the page and complete the application online.


  1. An intern should be enrolled in a college or similar curriculum in which the internship experience relates to or enhances their curriculum. College credit must be provided for the internship. An intern must be an upcoming college junior or senior to be eligible.
  1. The intern must provide the necessary paperwork from their academic supervisor before beginning their internship.
  1. Individuals interested in internships will be interviewed by appropriate WAVY-TV/WVBT-TV personnel to assess their qualifications.
  1. Interns will not receive any type of compensation for participation in the program unless chosen for the Virginia Association of Broadcasters Summer Internship Program. This compensation is provided by the VAB.

Click here to access the WAVY-TV & FOX43 Internship Application.

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