The River Run Manor has been listed for sale. It's one of the largest houses in Virginia (Photo credit:

River Run Manor on the market for $7.9m

The manor is 16,000 sq. ft. with a grand staircase, billiard room, tennis court, oversized pool and ballroom that can hold 250 guests.


Alice is this week’s Pet Pal

If you’d like to make Alice a part of your family get in touch with the folks at the Norfolk SPCA. Visit


Oktoberfest beef pot roast

Chef Bob Hirasawa from Farm Fresh is here making an amazing Oktoberfest Beef Pot Roast for us.


Aquatic therapy

Aquatic therapy is a special kind of physical therapy that can be used to treat many conditions from injuries to arthritis and back pain.


Learning social justice

Chesapeake Bay Academy students and teachers are approaching social justice.