1 confirmed case of mumps, another suspected at VCU

Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Credit: WWBT NBC12

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Health officials in Richmond have confirmed one case of mumps at VCU and are investigating a second suspected case, according to an alert from the university.

Mumps is a virus transmitted by respiratory droplets through coughing/sneezing, kissing, sharing drinks or lip balm, and contact with contaminated surfaces. It takes 12-25 days to develop symptoms, which can include low-grade fever, body aches, headache, and swelling & tenderness in the jaw & cheek area. Men may develop testicular swelling. Click here for FAQs about Mumps.

If you develop symptoms concerning for mumps:

  • Call Student Health promptly at 804-828-8828 for instructions regarding evaluation and treatment.
  • Self-isolate at home and avoid interaction with others for at least 5 days after symptoms begin.