Expecto Patronum! Police ease fears after dementors reported at Michigan park

Source: Essexville Public Safety Department

ESSEXVILLE, Mich. (WATE) – Nearly seven years after the final movie of the Harry Potter series was released, magic is still strong with Potterheads throughout the country. Especially in Michigan where officers responded to a report of a deadly apparition from the series.

Dementors are ghost-like, hooded figures from the series which can extract the soul from a human and leave them in a cold, unresponsive state. They are primarily agents of the antagonist, Voldemort, and his followers.

Online Potterheads were quick to respond and share the humorous post from the Essexville Public Safety Department. The post has garnered nearly 20,000 shares at the time of writing.

“Your social media manager needs a raise. By 394,” said Emily McGuire in reference to a book page on dementors used in lesson at the magical school of Hogwarts.

“How can you only have one officer that can perform the patronus charm? For the sake of your community, I suggest an intensive training session for your whole department,” said Chris Manwell.

“Just call Professor Lockhart, he’s done this hundreds of times, for more details see his published work,” said the top comment from Nikki Johnson Leverett.