Study: Alcohol more important than exercise to live past 90

Photo courtesy: VCU Capital News Service

(WATE) — A recent study of people who lived until at least 90 years old claims that drinking alcohol could help you live longer than simply exercise alone.

The 90+ Study, conducted by researchers at the University of California – Irvine, looked at 1,700 people who lived into their 90s.

The study shows that people who drink two glasses of wine or beer each day reduced their chances of premature death by 18 percent.

People who were slightly overweight were 3 percent less likely to die young. But you shouldn’t give up your workouts just yet. According to the study, 15 to 45 minutes a day of physical activity lowers your risk of dying early by 11 percent.

Researchers still don’t know why having a few glasses of wine or beer and packing on a few extra pounds helps people live longer, they say they believe in the results of their study.