Community gathers at vigil in Town Center to stand against gun violence

WAVY Photo/Aesia Toliver

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Anger and sadness filled Town Center in Virginia Beach Sunday as dozens gathered to give a voice to those who no longer have one.

“I am unwilling to sacrifice anymore of our children,” said one speaker during the vigil.

The event honored students who lost their lives in Florida, but also a discussed for change in the future.

“I hugged my daughter before I left, and I said you never stop fighting for what you believe in,” said Virginia Beach mother, Eve Poteet.

Poteet says her own children are scared to go to school. Just last week her kid’s buses got delayed due to a nearby shooting.

She says it’s a harsh reality she refuses to live with. “Our children are beginning to suffer for no other reason except we can’t come to appropriate gun reform,” added Poteet.

Sonia Galvez began planning this vigil after feeling like nothing was being done to prevent gun violence.

“I was very emotional as many people were and then I heard right on the heels of that I heard about a woman get shot in the Walmart in Yorktown and she was ultimately killed and I just said, what are we doing?,” Galvez remarked.

Galvez says she was overwhelmed by the amount of people that responded, wanting to help with the event in anyway they could.

One group even created a song dedicated to the lives lost.

“These are our children, we’ve lost way too many children to gun violence,” said Galvez.

“If the community doesn’t come together, it will continue,” added Poteet.