NC mom jailed after having daughter baptized without the dad’s knowledge

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WNCN/CNN Newsource) — Friday a Charlotte mother reported to jail for having her daughter baptized behind the father’s back.

Kendra Stocks is a mother of two and must serve seven days for violating a judge’s order that gave the father primary-decision making control over their two-year-old daughter — including matters of religion.

The father wasn’t told — he found out on Facebook.  A judge later found the mother in contempt.

Friends and family stood by her as she turned herself in to be processed for jail on Friday.

“Her father and I both agreed on baptizing her, I regret that he wasn’t part of it, but I don’t regret that we’re raising her in the Catholic faith, which is what we both wanted,” Kendra Stocks told WSOC-TV.

Stocks and the baby’s father are not married. Both are Catholic.

The father’s attorney says “jail time is the price she has to pay for making bad decisions.”