Tinder users changing their location to match with Olympic athletes

They're trying to score more than a medal.

Getty Images

PHOENIX, AZ. (YOUR-PHX) — Not only are people watching the Winter Olympics, but they’re trying to get matched up with the athletes as well — on Tinder that is.

According to Tinder, there’s been a 1,850 percent increase in users changing their location, or “passporting,” to the Olympic Villages in South Korea, where the athletes are staying. Tinder Passport is a feature allowing users to change their location to anywhere in the world to connect with more people. Anyone with a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold account can essentially “passport” to anywhere in the world.

Tinder has reported a 348 percent increase in overall usage in the Olympic Villages, a 565 percent increase in right swipes, as well as a 644 percent increase in matches.

According to Tinder’s ranking, the U.S. has the most users “passporting” to the Olympic Villages, Sweden takes second, and the United Kingdom takes the bronze.

Tinder has given all Olympic Village users free access to Tinder Gold account during the games, allowing them to match with people around the world. Swiping just got a lot more interesting!