Chesapeake woman accused of trying to have family member killed

Amy Klutz

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – A Chesapeake woman has been charged with trying to hire to kill a family member.

42-year-old Amy Klutz was arrested Thursday.

“She adamantly denies being guilty of what she has been charged with and intends to fight it aggressively,” said Klutz’s attorney Andrew Sacks.  “This is merely an allegation that someone is making.”

According to court documents, Klutz is a stay at home mom.  She has two children and is separated from her husband.  Her husband and parents help her financially.

Police aren’t saying how the family member is connected to Klutz.  10 On Your Side has confirmed who that person is, but is not reporting those details at this time.

Klutz is being held in the Chesapeake jail without bond.  Next week her attorney will ask a judge to let her out.

“Based on her background, on her ties here and what we believe to be the true state of the evidence, we believe she is a perfect person for a bond,” Sacks added.

Sacks says he is not at liberty to talk about the facts, though he says Klutz is going to prove she is innocent.

“She is presumed to be innocent of the charge,” Sacks said.  “She is innocent of the charge against her.  We believe when the full gamut of evidence is presented it would be very clear that she is not guilty of this.”