‘Girls Take Granby’ for women’s march movement

Credit: WAVY/Marielena Balouris

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Women’s marches across the globe drew out crowds for the second year.

People of all ages and races came together, including here in Hampton Roads, where marchers walked through Downtown Norfolk.

“It’s amazing. This year we’re bigger. We’re better. We combined marches,” said Shanise Williams, who helped organize the event.

Last year, many descended on Norfolk to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump and voice their concerns about issues like reproductive healthcare.

This year, immigration and the #MeToo campaign were some of the main issues highlighted.

“Forty-five and his supporters (need to) realize we’re not going to take this nonsense, the hate, the nonsense. It’s just a disgrace,” said Tracy West, who attended the march.

But, those in favor of the event were not the only ones who came out. Those with opposing views say they came down to discuss issues with marchers.

“The people on the right are a lot of times intimidated because they’ll get attacked, ridiculed, and get called Nazis. Not everyone who disagrees with them are Nazis,” said Lucas Hilmarsen.

Hilmarsen says he wanted to voice his opinion, just like the marchers.

“It’s okay to speak against this. It’s okay to say you don’t like it. It’s okay to say I want walls. I want borders,” he said.

Like other marches across the country, the one in Hampton Roads held a voter registration rally after the march.

Organizers say the march doesn’t end today, but at the polls in November when they vote out elected officials who don’t listen to their concerns.