Police: Virginia Beach saw fewer homicides in 2017

Virginia Beach police say four people were injured in a shooting Saturday, April 29, at the Oceanfront. (Credit: WAVY/Mike Marrero.)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The number of homicides in Virginia Beach dropped in 2017 over the previous year, according to newly released data.

In fact, the city saw a 9.7 percent drop in crime across the board. There were 22 homicides in the city during 2016 — 81 percent which were cleared, or solved.

The stats released by the police department show all 14 homicides that happened in Virginia Beach in 2017 were solved. That is the lowest number of homicides in Virginia Beach since 17 in 2013.

Police chief Jim Cervera will be presenting the data to city council Tuesday night. Cervera had expressed concern last January over the number of aggravated assaults reported in 2016.

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In 2017, aggravated assaults were down 10.5 percent.

Virginia Beach also saw slightly less reported incidents of rape — 167 in 2016 to 161 in 2017 — as well as huge decreases in burglaries and larcenies.

Burglaries notably dropped from 827 in 2016 to 730 in 2017.

One area Virginia Beach saw increases was with robberies. The number of reported robberies jumped by 20 in 2017, with less than half of those crimes cleared.

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