Portsmouth man found guilty of stabbing two people to death in 2012

Winston Black Jr.

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — A Portsmouth man has been found guilty of the gruesome stabbing murders of two people in the Port Norfolk area of the city nearly six years ago.

On Thursday, a jury found 36-year-old Winston Bernard Black Jr. guilty of the first degree murder of Anne Gilkerson, and guilty of the second degree murder of David Gough.

A jury has recommended a sentencing of a combined 70 years — 40 for the killing of Gilkerson and 30 for the killing of Gough.

The murders both happened back in February 2012. Black first killed Gough, whose body was later found inside a burning Jeep, then went to Gough’s home and stabbed Gilkerson 123 times.

Authorities say Black was part of a drug ring that ran out of Port Norfolk.

Gough’s sister said that her brother had struggled with drug addiction on and off for years.

She believes he went to the drug house to buy some.

For whatever reason, authorities say Black killed Gough and then went to his house to kill Gilkerson, who was staying with him at the time, because he thought she would be able to link him to Gough’s murder.

David Gough. Photo courtesy of Gough’s family.

Prosecutors presented no physical evidence against Black in the three day trial — but two witnesses testified, Keonte Key and Brian Townes.

Both have ties to the drug ring and both have also entered into plea deals.

The defense asked for the verdict to be thrown out because he said their statements had been inconsistent.

The judge denied that motion.

Black is also awaiting two other trials in the coming weeks, related to another murder in Portsmouth and the June 2016 shooting death of a man in Henrico County.