Counting Kindness – Val’s Angels

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – A new year often brings new plans, goals and resolutions. Three years ago, Valerie McCandless of Newport News started a movement.

It is a movement with people helping people. She calls it Val’s Angels.

Valerie describes this as a group of loving, giving, real people in the community who want to assist each other with things like food, clothing, mentoring and resources. Val’s Angels is mostly facilitated through social media – Facebook. Needs are posted and met. Free items are offered up such as clothes, furniture, lawn equipment and more. Tips about job postings and affordable housing along with lots of support can be found on the Angels Facebook page too. The holidays are a tough time for many, so Val’s Angels works a little magic around Christmas. Sponsors and those in need are matched up to make sure there’s something under the tree for everyone involved.

A separate “For Sale or Trade” page was set up too. Most who use it are selling wares to pay bills or make it to the next paycheck. That’s the reality for so many families and this has served as a safe, successful place to work through a tough spot.

Valerie started up her Angels group as a result of life experience. She and her family, with six children, fell on hard times a number of years ago. When they got back on their feet, Valerie felt like giving back was the right thing to do. She says it’s a lot of work, but a big blessing and the Angels are her family too.

To find out more about helping or getting help, visit the Val’s Angels page on Facebook.