Teen accused of shooting Portsmouth officer to be tried as adult

The scene in Portsmouth Nov. 6, 2017, where police said an officer was shot multiple times. (Credit: WAVY/Walter Hildebrand).

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — A teenager accused of shooting a police officer in Portsmouth will be tried as an adult.

Police say 15-year-old Will Patterson shot officer Angelina Baaklini as she tried to take him into custody. They say Baaklini recognized him as a runaway, and was trying to escort him home.

Baaklini was the only witness called by the Commonwealth’s Attorney in Thursday afternoon’s hearing. She had a slight limp when she entered the courtroom, was assisted to her witness chair by a bailiff, but left the courtroom on her own.

Patterson sat next to two public defenders, showing little emotion. The I.C. Norcom sophomore appeared shorter and smaller than a typical fifteen year old.

Baaklini was patrolling the Mt. Hermon section on November 6, when she says she spotted 15-year-old Will Patterson on his bike. She says she had advance notice that Patterson was a runaway, and told him, “I got to take you home.”

The officer says she began to take Patterson into custody, cuffing his left wrist. But as she stood behind him and tried to secure his right wrist, Baaklini says he grabbed a gun and shot over his own left shoulder and into her left shoulder. Baaklini testified she did not search Patterson before attempting to cuff him.

Baaklini described getting shot three more times as she scrambled for cover – one bullet cutting through her left femoral artery. It’s a critical blood vessel, and doctors say it can cause a person to bleed to death in minutes. Baaklini spent fifteen days at Sentara Norfolk General recovering.

She told the court how she has needed two arterial grafts as part of her treatment.

The officer says she knows the shoulder shot was first, but she was not sure of the sequence of the other three shots.

Patterson faces charges of attempted capital murder of a police officer, malicious wounding and various gun charges. His case will now go to the grand jury January 4. If convicted, Patterson could face life in prison.