Thefts from vehicles reported at Chesapeake daycares

Image provided by The Goddard School

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Parents picking up their children at several Chesapeake daycare centers say they are finding their valuables gone when they return to their vehicles.

Chesapeake Police initially said they received seven reports of break-ins from seven different child care businesses in the Greenbrier and Great Bridge areas of the city. This was later updated to six locations.

The crimes happened between December 7 and December 11 at the following locations:

  • 300 Cedar Lane – The Goddard School
  • 725 Greenbrier Pkwy – Greenbrier Kinder Care
  • 201 Riverwalk Pkwy – Creative World School
  • 341 Volvo Pkwy – La Petite Academy of Chesapeake
  • 163 Mt. Pleasant Rd – Apple Tree Learning Center
  • 901 Professional Place – Ocean Tumblers Gymanstics School

A 10 On Your Side viewer reached out to us after she says it happened to her Monday.

Katie Cornatzer, owner of The Goddard School off Cedar Lane, said she has surveillance video that captured someone pull up alongside a minivan, check inside, then they smash the window to steal a purse.

“It was so quick. It was in a matter of like two minutes, so our parents, sometimes they stay and chat and sometimes it’s a really quick process, but these guys, I think they knew what they were doing,”  said Cornatzer.

She showed WAVY the video:

“He realized that there was a camera because he flipped his visor down. and then as he was leaving the parking lot he proceeded to pull forward and then back out of the lot. He did not have a front tag, so it was an out of state tag,” she said.

Cornatzer says two purses were stolen Monday. She says the school is now keeping an extra eye out in the parking lot for strange cars, and not letting anyone walk out by themselves.