Norfolk neighborhood plagued by wreath thief

This man is wanted for stealing multiple Christmas wreathes in one Norfolk neighborhood.

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Someone in a Norfolk Neighborhood is stealing Christmas cheer right off people’s doorsteps.

10 on Your Side has learned that at least three people filed police reports.  Plus, we have heard from a number of other people on social media.   They’re obviously not happy their wreaths were stolen, but for the ones we spoke with, it’s about more than petty theft.

“What do you do with a bunch of wreaths? It’s the scroogiest thing you could do,” said Mira Roberts, whose wreath was taken off her door Saturday night.

Roberts said, “He had to open it, take the wreath and then close it.  We never heard it.”

She soon realized she wasn’t the only one who had been hit.

“Their’s was gone, and I don’t know who had wreaths over here, but all of these were gone,” Roberts said.  “Then down this way, all the wreaths were gone.”

Then she logged into Nextdoor, and saw the video Ashleigh Fischer posted.

“He comes down the sidewalk, comes up the porch, and then he does a sort of a pause and then just grabs the wreath on the front door,” Fischer says as she watches the surveillance video taken just before midnight on Saturday.

You may think it’s only a wreath, but the residents feel differently.

Fischer said, “It’s bigger than the wreaths, it really is.  It’s the wreath, the lawnmower, the home break-ins, the home invasions, the smashing in of car windows, it’s all of that together and the wreaths are literally the topping with the bow on it.”

Fischer has lived in Colonial Place for three years.  After constantly seeing crime in her neighborhood, she got the cameras.

“It’s actually ridiculous how bad the crime is here,” Fischer said.  “People say crime happens everywhere, but I honestly think that crime doesn’t have to happen so much in Norfolk.”

Fischer isn’t sure the cameras will be enough.  She’s waiting to talk with police about what happened, hoping there is something that can be done.

“When someone comes in and takes that from you, I mean that really is a Grinch,” Fischer said.

Norfolk Police say they are working to contact residents and are investigating.