Feeder lane fix in Virginia Beach set for fall 2018

The feeder lane fix may finally be happening on Laskin Road.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The feeder lane fix may finally be happening on Laskin Road.

We’re talking about the two miles or so around Hilltop, where those extra lanes supposedly help you get in and out of stores.  But to many, they’re more stress than they’re worth.

From his job at Conte’s bike shop, Tony Bronkema sees and hears it all.

“You can hear cars screeching constantly out here,” he said.  He’s at the shop six days a week, so the feeder lanes, and the accompanying confusion, are routine.

“When they come to the stop sign they don’t know when they can turn, when they can’t turn,” said Bronkema.

So, hearing that there’s a solution in sight is a relief.

“The entire Laskin Road corridor has been on the books for nearly 30 years,” said Virginia Beach Public Works Transportation Division Manager Phillip Pullen.  He says the project is divided up into 5 phases, making it easier to fund.

Work on two phases will begin in fall of 2018 and end in 2021, making up nearly two-thirds of the whole project.

Pullen said, “It’s going to widen Laskin Road to eight lanes for partial, and six lanes. It also improves the First Colonial/Laskin intersection, adds turn lanes and widens that road to six lanes.”

The project will cost $50 million, split between the city and VDOT.  As for those feeder lanes, they’ll be gone.

“They present safety issues, and problems with the new amount of traffic that we just can’t fix with any sort of interim improvements,” said Pullen.

Those are some problems the folks at Wasserhund Brewery deal with everyday.

“It’s always a guessing game as far as coming off Laskin Road and into the feeder road,” said Christine Holley, co-owner of the brewery.  “People don’t really know all of the rules of the feeder road, like how you’re supossed to cross over five lanes to get to the other side.”

But now there’s a light at the end of the road.

“We’re excited about being able to get in and out of work, and have our customers be able to get in and out, much easier,” said Bronkema.

A feeding lane fix for everyone on the street.

There is a meeting Thursday, December 14, where VDOT officials will meet with the public to explain the project.  That’s taking place at 5 p.m. at First Colonial High School.