No estimated fix time for Norfolk apartment without heat, hot water for one week

It's been one week since residents at the Royal Mace Apartments in Ocean View have had any heat or hot water. 

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — It’s been one week since residents at the Royal Mace Apartments in Ocean View have had any heat or hot water.

And the residents in the 124-unit complex want answers.

“We can’t cook, we can’t take hot showers, can’t do dishes, clothes, the kids can’t even take baths prior to going to school this morning. and it’s been a week,” one resident told 10 On Your Side.

Last Monday, apartment management detected a leak on its end of the line – and Virginia Natural Gas cut off service. That means in addition to no hot water, or cooking, residents have no heat. One week later, repairs still aren’t complete.

“It’s unsafe. People with multiple kids and laundry and babies and elderly people, it’s very frustrating,” another resident who did not want to be identified told 10 On Your Side.

We first reported on this issue on Thanksgiving. At that time, residents were understanding and hopeful that service would be restored by Friday. Now, they feel they’re getting the run-around.

To make matters worse for residents, private contractors on site Monday were not fixing the problem but working on other upgrades, according to Belvidere Property Management. Work on the actual problem is at a standstill. A property manager told 10 On Your Side on Monday that’s because a part needed to fix the issue is caught up in the mail.

“We pay a lot of money, we pay over $1,000 for an apartment that a lot of stuff is already wrong with it,” a resident said.

Belvidere Management told 10 On Your Side the leak is on their end of the line. And that natural gas pressure is not holding. Despite the part in the mail, she could not say if installing that part will be the solution. Residents want to know when services will be restored.

“This is a breach of contract is basically what this is. And they’re going to ask for rent this week. And it’s like ‘I think I’m going to be late’ until we at least get some gas, and hot water, it’s miserable.”