Police: Woman who took strolls through Walmart for strollers stole two cases of beer, too

Chesapeake police say this woman is wanted for stealing two baby strollers and two cases of beers at a Walmart in the area.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A theft suspect went on two separate strolls through Walmart for a pair of baby strollers on Sunday, according to police, nabbing a couple of cases of beer in the process.

Police say on Sunday, Nov. 12, the woman entered the Walmart in the 2400 block of Chesapeake Square Ring Road through the store’s garden center. She then placed a baby stroller and a case of beer in her shopping cart, and left the store back through the garden center entrance without paying.

The stolen merchandise was placed into a dark colored SUV, according to authorities.

But police say she wasn’t finished after the first haul.

The woman then went back inside the store through the general merchandise entrance, and placed another baby stroller and case of beer into a shopping cart before leaving with the stolen goods.

Police are asking anyone with information about the identity of this suspect to call, text or submit an on-line tip to the Chesapeake Crime Line.