Portsmouth officers recognized for saving officer shot in line of duty

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Three officers and a retired sergeant credited with keeping Officer Angelina Baaklini alive received recognition Tuesday in front of the Portsmouth City Council.

The crowd, including a couple dozen officers, gave a standing ovation to Detective S. Alexander, Detective R. Dyer, Officer S. Bryant and Geravis Brown, who served a total of 44 years between the Portsmouth Police Department and the Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office.

“They came together in a time of need,” said Chief Tonya Chapman, adding she is proud of the four men’s response. “You are trained in any instance to perform, and they knew what they had to do to perform on that day in particular to get her safely to the hospital.”

Baaklini was shot five times on Nov. 6 on Hickory Street in Mount Hermon by a 15-year-old runway she was trying to arrest, according to the chief.

Brown says he happened to be in the area when he heard gunshots and saw Baaklini drop to the ground.

“You could see she was in shock. I was just telling her to hang in there,” recalled Brown. “I utilized her police radio … to tell them they had a female officer down.”

A few minutes later, Chapman says Officer Bryant stood lookout as Dyer tended to a gunshot wound in Baaklini’s shoulder and Alexander applied pressure to a gunshot wound in her leg.

“One of the surgeons came over to me and wanted me to relay to Detective Alexander that had he not applied a tourniquet to her leg, the outcome would have been vastly different,” Chapman said.

Baaklini’s mom, Jeanne, was in attendance Tuesday to watch the officers be recognized.

“I love them. I can’t thank them enough. They saved her life,” said Jeanne Baaklini. “If they hadn’t been there in time, she wouldn’t be here now.”

She says her daughter joined the force more than a year ago and fulfilled her lifetime dream to help people.

Jeanne Baaklini says Angelina is walking, talking and in “great spirits,” and she wants to return to her normal patrols as soon as possible.

The Portsmouth Police Department sponsored a blood drive Nov. 13 to support the officer. The event was so successful that the department has organized a second blood Monday, Nov. 20 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Police Training Academy at 309 Columbia Street.

PPD has also set up a donation fund to support Baaklini’s recovery.