Mystery sewage seepage forces Va. Beach family from home

A mystery sewage problem has forced a Virginia Beach family from their home.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — For two years a Virginia Beach family has lived with sewage backing up into their home.  More than a dozen plumbers have come out, with no solution, and pointed toward the city.

“It’s like waiting for a ticking time bomb to explode,” said Ken Bose of Virginia Beach.

From the outside there’s no way to know of the headache the Bose family is living with.

“Our life is on hold,” added Autumn Bose.

But with a walk around inside the family’s home, it becomes very apparent.

“The sewage came up from underneath the toilet and then it poured out inside our laundry room and all over our floor,” Autumn Bose said.

The first time sewage backed up at the home on Barlborough Way was in 2015.  They had to replace everything on the floor. Last month, there was another sewage leak.  Since then, Autumn and Ken Bose and their two teenage kids have been living in a hotel room.

”It’s a bad smell,” Ken Bose added.  “It is like you went into a nasty fast food restaurant that hasn’t cleaned their bathrooms for a year.”

So what’s causing the issue?  The Boses think it’s something that the city needs to fix.

“When sewage has no other place to go, but seep under the floor of your toilet or come out your sink or come down from your ceiling, it is unnerving,” Autumn Bose said.  “It’s scary. You don’t know if the next flush is the wrong flush.”

10 On Your Side called Virginia Beach Public Utilities.  We’re told they are looking into the issue.  If it is on the city’s end, then they will make the proper repairs.  However, the city says if the issue is on the Bose property line it is the family’s responsibility.

“I want to enjoy the space and not worry every year about sewage,” Autumn Bose added.

City officials say if the city is at fault it will pay for any damages.  Officials say it is important that if you have sewage coming into your home to call them right away and they will be out within an hour.

The city also says this is for sewage and not stormwater.