Executive director fights to save Bertie Co. charter school

WINDSOR, N.C. (WNCT) — Heritage Collegiate Academy’s executive director is continuing to fight the North Carolina School Board’s recommendation the school be closed.

Audit deadlines, statutory requirements and recommended revocation describe a downwards spiral the Heritage Collegiate Leadership Academy faces.

Executive director Kashi Hall is fighting those claims

“The only thing we did wrong here was submit a late audit,” Hall said. “But the audit showed that we had no exceptions.”

Hall said they’ve grown their board members and after appealing initial approval to revoke their charter, she is pushing for the best for her students.

“When we give them this level of flexibility, they take it and use it wisely,” said Hall. “I can assure you that each one of these children will go to college, and they will make a difference in their community.”

“Where we want to be is in a position to finish the work that we’ve started,” said Hall. “We’re making history in this community and this region.”

Hall has taken to social media several time to defend claims against the school saying in one Facebook post “They spent half of the allotment afforded to them which is what they are entitled to spend” and “They are a Title 1 school that has grown from an “F” to a “D” from year 1 to 2.”

Hall said worst comes to worst she has already looked into private funding for a potential private school to give parents more options in Bertie County.