Norfolk shooting suspect says he fired in self-defense

Jameik Chisholm. Credit: Norfolk City Jail.

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The suspect in a weekend shooting in Norfolk says he acted in self-defense.  32-year-old Jameik Chisholm is being held at the Norfolk city jail.

“I literally shot to protect myself and to stop him,” said Chisholm.

Chisholm says he saw a mug shot of himself on TV while sitting behind bars.

“You all got me on the news looking all crazy, like I’m just out here shooting people and that’s not the case,” Chisholm added.

Chisholm says he lives in Richmond and was down here over the weekend to take a protective order against the victim, his wife’s ex-boyfriend.  He and his wife were in downtown Saturday night when the ex-boyfriend showed up.

“You know I tried to walk away,” Chisholm added.

Chisholm tells 10 On Your Side he legally carries a gun.  He says at one point he ran from the ex-boyfriend who was holding a knife.

“I look over my shoulder, he had the knife in his hand and it is actually open now,” Chisholm said.  “Given the amount of people on the street I didn’t just want to turn and shoot at him and accidentally hit somebody else.”

He says he waited for the victim to get close.

“I fired one controlled round into his leg and I didn’t even shoot to kill,” Chisholm added.

Chisholm says he feared for his life.

“I know the knife was in his hand and I wasn’t going to let him stab me or my wife,” Chisholm said.

The victim’s family says he still can’t feel his foot and was lured downtown by Chisholm.  He denies that was the case

Chisholm sits in jail waiting for his day in court.

“This is my livelihood,” Chisholm added.  “I have two small children.  I need to get home.  I don’t want to be in jail until January for me to go to court and possibly be convicted of something I tried to avoid with every ounce of my body.”

Chisholm said there must have been 200 people outside who saw this go down and he is hoping somebody will tell police what they saw to clear his name.