3 men accused of robbing ODU student during “shell game” go to trial

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY)–Three men accused of abducting and robbing an Old Dominion University student are on trial in Norfolk.

Back in November of 2016, police said Diamond Johnson, Lakeith Daniels, and Keith Jones tricked a female student into going to an ATM and withdrawing $500.

Prosecutors said Daniels approached the woman near campus about playing a shell game. In an opening statement, the Commonwealth’s Attorney said Jones and Johnson hosted the shell game, while Daniels intimidated the student into playing.

The student told police, the men told her she won the game. But that she had to prove she had $500 to win the reward. She said the men walked her to the ATM and stood over her as she withdrew the money.

Then prosecutors said the three men walked her to a parking lot and took the money from her.

On the defense side, three attorneys represented each suspect. But they all said the same thing: the victim isn’t telling the truth.

In court, attorneys said the student wanted to play the shell game. They told a judge she didn’t want to put up the $500 for the bet. Then she played and lost. She went to the ATM to pay up.

Defense attorneys pointed out she waited more than an hour to report the lost money.

A judge, before the trial got underway, told both sides attorneys he wanted to see if they could work out a plea agreement.

Both sides agreed to continue the case to Thursday to work on a possible agreement.