Birdneck Elementary student kicks past his disability

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A Virginia Beach elementary school student is hoping to teach his classmates that children with disabilities are just like any other child. 

11-year-old Devin Johnson is in his first year at Birdneck Elementary School and recently moved to area from Wisconsin. 

He has a disease known as Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia (AMC).

Johnson is confined to a wheelchair because of the disease, but he’s making sure his classmates know that it he is no different from them.

Earlier this year, Johnson spoke with the other students about AMC, but he also wanted to show them that children with disabilities can play sports just like anyone else. 

“If there’s a kid that has a disability,they’d love to play a sport like anybody else,” Johnson said. He plays soccer on a powerchair team called the Tidewater Piranhas and invited his classmates to come out and watch one of their tournaments. 

“I want to show kids what a disability is and if there’s a kid out there that has disability in Virginia Beach, there’s a sport out there for them to play instead of them being bored and having something that will help them get them what they’re going through,” said Johnson. 

 “I love watching him compete. I love seeing him get excited. I’ll never forget the first goal he scored,” his father, Alex Johnson said.

Johnson’s father says they hope to hold more powerchair soccer tournaments in the area, but are looking for a future location.

Johnson’s dream is to represent the U.S. on the national powerchair soccer team when he’s old enough.

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