Sen. Kaine calls on colleagues to do right by children and families

PORTSMOUTH, Va (WAVY) — Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) is calling out his colleagues, accusing some of using children’s health care as leverage to get what they want.

Senator Kaine took to the senate floor Wednesday and urged his colleagues to find a fix for the Children’s Health Insurance program as quickly as possible.

CHIP, as it’s referred to, provides low-cost health care for thousands of pregnant women and children in Virginia who can’t afford insurance. It expired in September and if congress doesn’t act by this December, Virginia families will receive letters explaining that their benefits will end in January.

Kaine said there is a bipartisan fix proposed and he thinks it would pass if put to vote, but as of yet there is no vote scheduled.

He accused some of using CHIP as a bargaining chip. “The problem with thinking about CHIP that way is that you’re preying on the anxieties and fears of families and kids,” he told

Kaine said while no lawmaker has made any proposals yet, there are a lot of things both sides want before the end of the year, including a fix for DACA, Tax Code reforms and a border wall.