Robbery, assault victim makes dramatic 911 call to NNPD

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – A robbery victim, whose head was bleeding from getting pistol-whipped, was able to make a dramatic 911 call to Newport News police on Oct. 12.

Police connected one of the robbery suspects to a deadly officer-involved shooting five days later.

The victim was able to stay on the line for five long minutes.

The robbery and abduction happened in Newport News, but one of the suspects is charged in a separate incident where 24-year-old DeAndre Bethea was shot dead by police.

Two men were robbed in a stairwell of the Oyster Point Place Apartments. Police have charged 18-year-old Darone Owens in the case.

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One of the victims was struck in the head with a gun but was able to call 911.

Here is a partial transcript of the call:

911 OPERATOR: 911, what is your emergency? CALLER: 911, I just got robbed

911 OPERATOR: Where are you at sir, where are you? CALLER: I’m at Oyster point… Oyster Point Place Apartments, they’re coming after me now!  I just got robbed!

911 OPERATOR: I understand, and you’re at Oyster Point Place Apartments, correct? I’ve got police coming to see you okay.

911 OPERATOR: Are you Injured? CALLER: Yes, yes!

911 OPERATOR: How many people robbed you? CALLER: There were four

911 OPERATOR: Were they male or female? CALLER: Male

911 OPERATOR: Black white or hispanic? CALLER: Black

911 OPERATOR: Did you see what they were wearing? CALLER: Black hoodies.

911 OPERATOR: Were they all wearing black hoodies? CALLER: Yes

911 OPERATOR: Did they do anything to injure you? CALLER: Yes, they hit me with a gun

911 OPERATOR: where did you get hit? CALLER: One the ear, left side

911 OPERATOR: What kind of vehicle was it? CALLER: Toyota 4 Runner, Toyota 4 Runner

911 OPERATOR: Take a deep breath so that I can help you okay?

CALLER: They stole my wallet

911 OPERATOR: Okay, we’ve got police coming to you

911 OPERATOR: What did they hit you in the head with? What did they hit you in the head with?

CALLER: The gun. Three young boys, three young boys, three young boys

CALLER: We need, we need an amb  911 OPERATOR: are you bleeding? CALLER: Yes

911 OPERATOR: Okay can you put a clean rag where you’re bleeding?

911 OPERATOR: Do you know the people that robbed you? CALLER: No I don’t

When Newport News police charged Owens with the robbery, he was already in jail in Hampton on charges related to an officer-involved shooting.