Halloween costumes are scarier than you think

NORFOLK, Va (WAVY) —  A few things to consider before you put your kid’s costumes on this Tuesday.  Halloween masks, makeup and hair color can leave you with some scary side effects.

Doctors at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) are warning some Halloween costumes can cause acne breakouts, rashes, blisters and hair damage. Kids with eczema are especially sensitive to reactions like these.

EVMS Dermatologist Dr. Edward Prodanovic told 10 On Your Side, “Some parents use what they have in the closet, sometimes that’s craft paint.  That can cause blocking up of the pores, especially teenagers, maybe their acne could flare up or it could case the skin to flare up to a rash that may need treatment.”

For rashes, Prodanovic recommends trying petroleum jelly or hydrocortisone cream for a couple of days. If it doesn’t clear it up or blisters appear, call your doctor.

If you’re using hair color he suggests the chalk type over aerosols because they can irritate the scalp or cause a flare up for kids with asthma.
Prodanovic also advises washing all face and hair products out as soon as you get home.

Health officials also say lice outbreaks peak during this season.

Nurse Kay Bogumil with Lice Clinics of America stated, “They’re spread easier head to head and person to person contact… but they can be spread by hair brushes and anything you put on your head like hats and hair bands and things like that.”

Children should not share clothes, masks and head-bands. If you’re buying a used costume from a thrift store or a secondhand source, be sure to check it to make sure its clean. You should also take caution when trying on different costumes in a retail store.