Man uses 22,000 square feet of yarn to create giant spider web

WEBB CITY, Mo. (KXAN/KSNF) — A man from Webb City, Mo., took the name to heart this Halloween season, and transformed his home into the perfect place for a spider to spend some time.

J.D. Harper spent 60 hours to create a massive spiderweb in front of his house. It’s a tradition he does every year.

This time around, the decoration is made up of 22,000 square feet of yarn, some of which was donated by a stranger whose grandmother was an avid knitter and recently passed away.

“I think I have only maybe one or two rolls of yarn left of what she donated, so I’ve put it all to use,” Harper said. “And I’m hoping that her grandmother will really be proud looking down on it.”

Last year nearly 350 people came to check out his decorations.