National Park Service to remove Cape Hatteras pier

HATTERAS, N.C. (WAVY) — A project to remove Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier and its pier house will begin in December.

Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier, also known as Frisco Pier, has sustained damage from numerous hurricanes and other severe weather events over the years, according to the Outer Banks Group.

The fishing pier and pier house have not been open to the public for seven years, since it sustained severe damage from Hurricane Earl in 2010.

Debris such as large timbers containing rusted lag bolts and nails, regularly falls off the structure and creates public safety hazards, according to the Outer Banks Group.

Members of the Cape Hatteras community created a “Save Frisco Pier” Facebook and petition, reaching over 1,000 signatures, to try to save the pier they described as a “historic landmark.”

According to Outer Banks Group, the removal project was awarded to DOT Construction (Beaufort, NC) and is expected to be completed by the spring.

During the removal of the pier and pier house, parking will not be available. After they are removed, a plan will begin to improve the parking lot and provide restroom facilities.

The pier was originally 20 feet wide and 500 feet long when it opened to the public in 1962. The National Park Service reached an agreement with the pier’s private owner in Sept. 2013, to take over the pier and its surrounding property.