Docs reveal more about Chesapeake student charged for social media posts

Excerpt of a conversation that a Great Bridge High School student facing charges and a former friend had on Sept. 24. The student is facing four felony charges.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — 10 On Your Side is learning more about a Great Bridge High School student facing felony charges for posts made to social media, and for throwing explosive devices on school property.

According to court documents, a former friend of the suspect said he talked a little about the Columbine shooting, and how he wanted to shoot people who were mean to him in about two years. The documents say the suspect also named a teacher he hated and wanted to see her die.

The teen is charged with four felonies, including underage possession of a firearm. It all started when a former friend of the student charged reached out to police about the suspect’s fascination with Nazi groups.

Court documents detail a conversation had on Instagram between the two students on Sept. 24.

Student charged: I have a big plan in two years. It’s going to be epic.
Friend: What’s the plan brother?
Student: God Like.

Later in the conversation, the two talk about disliking high school to which the student charged replies, “Same people throw stuff at me all the times in school it’s annoying.”

The student charged later writes, “Yeah I’m used to it cause it’s happens every day. I just want to mow the whole school down.”

The Great Bridge student is facing gun charges after police officials say they investigated inappropriate posts made on social media.

Capt. Scott Saunders of the Chesapeake Fire Department tells 10 On Your Side this student faces four felony charges for two unrelated incidents from August and in early September.

In late August, a Molotov cocktail was thrown in the parking lot of Great Bridge. The student is faced with two felony charges in connection for throwing the device and posting about it on social media.

Two other students were involved and face charges including manufacturing or possession of fire bombs or explosive materials or devices and one count of conspiracy to commit a felony.

Saunders said the Great Bridge student is also faced with charges for throwing same kind of homemade device at a portable bathroom off Hanbury Road earlier this month. This allegedly happened around the corner from the school.

The charges came to light after concerned parents alerted the school to photos allegedly taken by the juvenile.

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