Company uses Facebook to help police find stolen vehicle

A stolen vehicle was recovered by Portsmouth Police. (Photo courtesy: MNK Unlimited, Inc.)

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — A Portsmouth business is thanking people on social media for helping police locate their stolen car.

The vehicle was a Chevrolet Equinox, distinctively painted with the company logo of its owner, MNK Unlimited, Inc.

Michael Knox, owner of the coimpany, says someone stole the vehicle after he left it at his friend’s home of Jewell Avenue on Sunday.

Knox says he reported to police and then posted about it on Facebook. The post asked friends to call the police if they saw it — It was shared more than 100 times.

“Sunday evening, the reports started coming in on our Facebook page that the vehicle was seen in the Cradock area,” he said.

Knox says he was surprised it was taken because the vehicle is basically a mobile billboard for his company.

Portsmouth Police say they were able to spot the vehicle near Carolina Avenue on Oct. 23.

The driver lead them on a pursuit which ended on Brighton Street. Police say two juveniles were in the car.

Knox is thanking police and the community for helping to spot the vehicle after posting it to social media.

“It’s amazing that over 15,000 people saw the page and were following it and had tons of shares. It’s amazing the power of social media,” he said.

Police say the juvenile, who was driving, faces charges but have not said what charges because he is under age and the case is still active.

As for the other juvenile, who was a passenger, police say they are still investigating to see if there will be charges.