Child killed in Suffolk after accident with tractor-trailer cab

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A boy was killed Tuesday evening in Suffolk following an accident involving a tractor-trailer cab.

On the busy street of Brookwood Drive, cars raced past the memorial for a 12=year-old sixth grade student at John Yeates Middle School.  All day long people have come by to see where a young boy lost his life.

The scene was chaotic Tuesday after the 12-year-old was killed trying to jump on a tractor-trailer. Emergency crews were called to the scene in northern Suffolk just after 5:30 p.m. The 12-year-old as pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the tractor-trailer remained on scene, butwasn’t charged.

People in the neighborhood told 10 On Your Side that the boy may have jumped onto the tractor-trailer during a game of “truth or dare” with his friends.

Neighbor Reginald  Simpson heard the story from those who were there. “I Heard one of the boys had gotten killed riding on the truck, and it was a dare that they were doing,” he said. “They were daring him to ride on the back of the truck.”

10 On Your Side called Suffolk Police to clarify that story line, but due to the ongoing investigation they won’t comment.

Jahnas Harris was not an eyewitness, but was on scene all night.

“The truck was going, and he put the foot up there, but he couldn’t get up there, so he chased the truck down and jumped up there again,” Harris said. “And the second time he got up there his foot got stuck and he fell off…hitting his head on the street.”

10 On Your Side asked Harris about the claim the 12-year-old was dared to jump.

“People did not dare him to do it, no. The ones that were with him told him several times not to do it, but he said he was a savage, and he tried it anyways,” Harris said.

10 On Your Side informed police we have been told there could be video floating around that caught the moment when the 12-year-old jumped on the truck. We were also told the video was immediately deleted and no longer exists.

Police are checking that out too.

Police said the child’s father was briefly detained at the scene due to his actions toward the driver. At his request, the father was taken to the Suffolk Police Department to visit a relative for support.

He was later returned to the scene following this visit, according to police. Police left the block around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Dwain Nepton knew the victim, too, and was out on the street Tuesday night.

“He just turned 12 years-old. I was right there down the street, and everybody just started scrambling and stuff like that. God just took him away,” Nepton said, with his head buried in his hands to shield the tears coming down his face.

10 On Your Side asked Harris about a video that was allegedly taken of the incident as it occurred.

Harris says it shows the 12-year-old yelling back that his foot was stuck. “And everyone is screaming his name…and then he fell.”

Harris says  the person who shot the video quickly deleted it.  10 On Your Side called police to see if they had seen the video, but police said no comment during the investigation.

Grief counselors were available at the middle school on Tuesday to talk about life and death.