Survey finds majority believe quality of life ‘good’ in Hampton Roads

Virginia Beach Oceanfront 5th Street stage for the American Music Festival. August 31, 2016. (Chopper 10 Photo)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — An annual survey from Old Dominion University found most people believe the quality of life in Hampton Roads is decent.

The survey, which was released this week, looked at how the economy and tourism are affecting residents. Most of the questions in the survey dealt with tax revenue from tourism, and whether that money is being spent properly.

The survey asked Hampton Roads residents about the rate of economic conditions in the area. While most of the people reported it as either good or fair, the percentage of “good” responses has dropped every years since 2015.

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Another 8 percent said they believe conditions are poor, with only six percent reporting conditions being “excellent.”

When asked about tourism and how it benefits Hampton Roads, 70 percent of residents believed taxes from tourism do help pay for police, fire, roads and other services. Less than 15 percent disagreed with that.

Construction phase of The Main project downtown. Photo courtesy: City of Norfolk

The survey asked residents if they believe tax revenue from tourism helps lower property tasks. This was a split — half of the survey’s respondents disagreed, while only 34 percent thought that was the case.

Residents were also asked if they think tourism taxes pay for amenities and other things that improve quality of life. More than half of residents agreed. On the other side 29 percent disagreed.

Lastly, most residents reported feeling that elected officials in Hampton Roads should support policies to promote tourism.

Overall researchers, said there was not much change from the previous year, though there are fewer people believed the economy has gotten better.