I-64 widening on Peninsula ahead of schedule

A project to widen I-64 on the Peninsula was ahead of scheduled in October of 2017. Credit: WAVY/Matt Gregory.

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — This week Virginia’s Secretary of Transportation hinted that the I-64 widening project on the Peninsula may be finished sooner than expected.

Secretary Aubrey Layne told 10 On Your Side phase one of the project will wrap up soon. He believes VDOT’s work before they broke ground put it on the fast track.

“I’m sure all the motorists that have driven up and down it have seen some pretty significant progress,” Layne said.

Phase one runs from Jefferson Avenue to Lee Hall. Crews will have to lay a few more runs of asphalt and place in the final sound barriers.

“I’m hoping that we will have the road open by the end of the year which would be ahead of schedule,” Layne said.

We asked Layne: What put this road project on this fast track?

He said there are many reasons, but he pointed to how VDOT wrote the contracts as a big cause.

“For the contractor getting done in a certain amount of time, they get an incentive,” Layne said.

There are still two phases left to widen I-64 on the Peninsula, with a finish date in 2021.

“Let’s hope they continue on this pace,” Layne said. “They’ll be done even sooner.”

It’s a hope for a quicker, easier ride on the Peninsula.