Missouri couple decides Friday the 13th is the perfect wedding day

CARTHAGE, MO. – “Of course we have a coffin and a hearse.” said Derrick Wilson, Groom.

Yeah, you heard that right…And he’s talking about his wedding.

“I’m the first, wedding of the century.” said Derrick Wilson, Groom.

Derrik Wilson and Natasha Kitch decided that Friday the 13th was the perfect date for their magical moment.

And thought the Meyers Haunted Inn would be the ideal place.

“Regular wedding people setting there just staring okay, when is this going to be over our wedding’s not going to be like that.” said Derrick Wilson, Groom.

Mainly because he’s showing up in the back of a hearse….in a coffin…And don’t worry, his bride’s riding shot gun.

“It’s true love, it’s meant to be, but it’s a little haunted true love, yes we gotta have a little fun with it.” said Derrick Wilson, Groom.

“October is his favorite month, Halloween, I mean he lives for Halloween if he could, he’d have it like all the time at our house.” said Natasha Kitch, Bride.

And they’re not worried about superstitions from the unlucky day.

“I mean most people think Friday the 13th’s about bad luck but i’m going to turn it into good luck.” said Natasha Kitch, Bride.

“When true love comes around, you better make it stick or it’s going to slap you in the face and walk away.” said Derrick Wilson groom.

All scares aside, they’re very serious about each other.

“He’s the one that makes me whole.” said Natasha Kitch, Bride.

That’s why Friday the 13th, of all days, is the perfect time to tie the knot.

“He makes me smile, he makes me laugh.” said Natasha Kitch, Bride.

They’ll be spending tonight in their favorite place…The haunted attraction.