How did a suspect break into a locked car?

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A unique car break-in was caught on camera in Chesapeake. The doors were locked, but the suspect caused no damage.

The car owner said he thinks the thief had high-tech help.

Why would someone steal a car’s side mirrors?

“I just hit the unlock button, the car unlocked right away,” Joshua Moore said of last Sunday morning

“None of the doors were open, none of them but that was the first thing I saw,” he said, pointing to the side of his car where a mirror used to sit.

That’s only one question Joshua Moore has. He has another.

“Well how did he get in?” he said. “I have no idea.”

It wasn’t until Moore went back and watched security footage that he got an idea. He saw a thief drive up in white pickup truck and park on his street in Chesapeake.

“In the video you see him slow down in front of our car,” he said.

Moore was curious now. For the last few months he has locked his family’s SUV every night. In the video, the suspect walked over towards the Moore’s family car. They check one car.

“Then literally walked over to ours and just popped the door open,” he said.

For the next 10 to 15 minutes, the suspect sits in the car and rifles through it. Moore said they stole a dash camera, money and other things from inside. He still isn’t sure how the suspect got into a locked car with ease.

“They are either getting a (frequency) transponder, which is as easy as going on the internet and getting it these days,” he said.

Who could this person be?

Moore thinks it all comes back to what they took last, the side mirrors

“If the average person was to walk up to a side mirror, they wouldn’t know it literally pops off,” he explained.

It’s someone who knows cars and apparently how to get into them without conventional tools.

According to Chesapeake police reports, there were car two break-ins on that street that night.