Family seeking answers in death of Virginia Beach mother, daughter

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – We’re learning more about the mother and daughter found dead over the weekend at a home on Peregrine Street in Virginia Beach.

That’s because loved ones of 47-year-old Jennifer Brown, and her 12-year-old daughter Ariyanna Brown, are reaching out to 10 On Your Side.

Police now say they’re not looking for any suspects in the case. The medical examiner’s office told us the autopsies on both mother and daughter are complete and results have been handed over to police.

No matter what the autopsies report, for family members, the only question that remains, why?

Ariyanna’s father Adam Sumter who lives in Atlanta says his daughter always wore a smile, today only questions on what horror happened that left both dead.

“First of all she was my baby. She always smiled. She always showed joy,” Sumter told us. “She enjoyed singing, she enjoyed taking pictures, she was just happy, she was joyous and she always wanted to make us laugh. She would make funny faces to keep you amused.”

Sumter says he was with Ariyanna’s mother around 2000, and they had Ariyanna in 2005. He would then move to Atlanta. “I don’t know what happened because I was not there. All I know is my child is gone, and that is the most painful think I’m dealing with.”

Betty Anderson lived next door to the mother and daughter for years, “Her daughter would come out, but she never stayed outside for long. She was hitched to her mother’s hip.”

Sumter says, “I just miss hearing her voice right now. It is just so hard for me to focus, to get myself together because it is so unreal to me.” Sumter says he didn’t see his daughter often, but spoke to her every other day on the phone, “she always had that spirit. There was something about her that would always bring out the best in everyone no matter how bad you felt.”

Family members tell us Jennifer was living with Multiple Sclerosis, she had been a nurse, but couldn’t work in the end

Jennifer Brown was Juanita Brown’s aunt and was Arianna’s first cousin. She told us Monday as she helped clean out the Browns’ house, “It is just a really, really, really sad situation, so it will take some time.”

Sumter adds, “I just want answers. I would wish this on no parent. It is devastating.”

On the answers on what happened in the home, Juanita Brown would only say this, “I don’t want anyone to speculate on anything. I just wait for the facts, that is what I will say. Just wait for the facts so no one will have to speculate, and wonder. Just wait for the facts.”

Ariyanna with her whole life ahead of her had been a 7th grader at Bayside Middle School.