Dog and dog owner wanted in Newport News for ‘vicious’ attack

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Officials in Newport News are looking for a “dangerous” dog and the dog’s owner in connection with a vicious attack.

Officials said the attack happened Sept. 14 on Yeardly Drive.

This is the second time in nine months a dog named Brody, belonging to 35-year-old Ryan Michael Gardner, attacked another dog, officials said.

The first incident took place in December, according to Superintendent of Animal Welfare, Wayne Gilbert.

“Through the court process, Brody was deemed to be a dangerous dog, and that was upheld in September by the Newport News Circuit Court,” he said.

The owner of a dangerous dog has to meet certain requirements, according to Gilbert.

“He goes on the Virginia Dangerous Dog registry. The property has to be marked as being a place where a dangerous dog lives. There are certain insurance requirements the owner has to abide by. If the owner takes the dog out for a walk, he has to have on a muzzle,” Gilbert said.

Both victim dogs survived life-threatening injuries they suffered following the separate attacks, officials said.

“One thing that’s very concerning to us with both of these attacks, is that the dog did not want to let go and kept attacking, and the owner had a hard time getting the dog to come off of the dog it was attacking,” Gilbert said.

Warrants have been taken out against Gardner for charges of vicious dog, dangerous dog: failure to obey control requirements, and dangerous dog: failure to notify of reporting event.

Gardner reached WAVY News by phone late Monday afternoon. He said he felt “horrible” about the December incident, but that Brody was hurt in the September incident. Gardner said he was not aware of any new warrants against him and that he missed his court date because the date changed without his knowledge. He planned to meet with authorities, he said.

Anyone with information on Garner and his dog Brody is asked to call Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.