Mother, daughter found dead inside Va. Beach home

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A death investigation is underway in Virginia Beach, after two people were found dead inside a home.

Late Monday afternoon a U-HAUL truck showed up to the home in the 400 block of Peregrine Street. Family members of those who lived here started emptying the home of all the belongings, and throwing into the trash cans paperwork from those who lived here. Neighbors have confirmed a mother and daughter lived in the home.

We know the names, but police have not officially released them and the family prefers for now that we don’t .

A family member told us bullying led to whatever happened in the home, but would not elaborate to explain what she meant.

“I don’t think my grandmother really wants us to have anything come out just yet until she has all the facts. It is just a really, really, really, sad situation, so it will take some time,” the family member said.

The call came into police Sunday afternoon around 5:30 p.m. as suspicious deaths. This was the scanner traffic alerting police units in the area, “Her sister hasn’t been heard from for three days. Unknown if the 12-year-old niece is at the residence. The complainant has the key and has unlocked the door. There is something blocking the door.“

We don’t know what was blocking the door, but next door neighbor Betty Anderson has lived next to the mother and daughter who lived in the townhouse for over 7 years.

“We just kind of take care of each other. She would play with the kid. Her daughter would come out, but she never stayed outside for long. She was hitched to her mother’s hip,” said Anderson.

Anderson’s son Anthony Joseph spent a lot of time with the mother and daughter as well, “I have been pulling her trash cans out forever. We have Barbeque with them. I’ve driven her daughter to school when she missed the school bus on a few occasions.”

The daughter went to a Virginia Beach Public School. Due to the Columbus Day holiday, the students weren’t there, but word is filtering out that the student died and there’s great sadness over her loss.

Police released nothing new on the incident today, but say they are undetermined deaths that are suspicious. A neighbor told us she asked police if neighbors safety was at risk, and she was told ‘no.’

We asked the family member for any further details she would like to share on this family tragedy, “I don’t want anyone to speculate on anything. Please just wait for the facts. That is what I will say, just wait for the facts, so no one will have to speculate and wonder. Just wait for the facts.”

Joseph identifies the people who lived here as a mother and daughter, and he says the mother had a severe medical condition that prevented her from working as a nurse, “She told me she had Neuropathy. Something like shaking with her nerves or something of that form…she was depressed about not working. She shared that a few times. She was depressed about her conditions, and not being able to work anymore. ”

The family did not want to comment until the Medical Examiner’s report comes back on cause of death of the two found inside the home. Police are waiting for that too before releasing any new information on what happened.

This is a developing story. Stay with WAVY for updates.