The fight against Breast Cancer sees new mammogram technology in Chesapeake

CHESAPEAKE, Va (WAVY) – There’s a new way for women to get screen in the fight against Breast Cancer.

Last year, 85 women came in and of those, seven required biopsies and one was diagnosed with cancer. 10 On Your Side spoke with Jeanette Demko who is a survivor spreading the word.

“You don’t have to take it out of your pocket. If you don’t have it somebody’s going to help you find it,” Demko said.

“The whole purpose of screening mammography is to find women who don’t have risk factors, so 75% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no risk factors,” said Dr. Natalie Simmons, a radiologist at the Breast Center.

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That’s why Simmons says they are constantly investing in new and improved forms of detection. She showed 10 On Your Side their newest tool, the Sophia Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound. It looks and feels like a spa table with a circle where the breast is placed for imaging.

There is no squeezing or radiation. In less than a minute it takes images of the full breast in one circular sweep. It can detect things mammograms often miss in women with dense breast tissue.

“With the increasing evidence, some states are actually mandating insurance companies to cover it like a screening mammogram. Right now in Virginia we don’t have that yet,” said Dr. Simmons.

But the Doctor says don’t worry, mammograms are still the gold standard for all women over 40.

Last week, 10 On Your Side showed you the creative entries from this year’s BraHaHa now on display at MacArthur Center. The annual fundraiser is how the Breast Center pays for the exams and mammograms.