Suspect profile developed in 2004 Isle of Wight cold case

ISLE OF WIGHT, Va. (WAVY) — New DNA technology has helped the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Office develop a profile of what the suspect in a 2004 cold case murder looked like.

Photo of Carrie Singer provided by the Isle of Wight Sheriffs Office

It’s been 13 years since investigators found the 28-year-old’s body in an Isle of Wight County field. She was clothed only from the waist up and suffered severe head trauma.

Sheriff Mark Marshall said Thursday that investigators have ruled out hundreds of suspects and persons of interest — including Singer’s boyfriend — during the course of the investigation.

“What we do know that she was just brutally bludgeoned to death,” said Isle of Wight Sheriff Mark Marshall. “Numerous suspects and persons of interest have been examined have been investigated and have been ruled out.”

Singer lived in Hampton. She was last seen alive the day her body was found July 1, 2004. Years have past, but the suspect was never found.

“At least for the first time now we got a picture of what this individual looks like,” Marshall said.

Thursday, Marshall announced a big break in the case as DNA technology helped develop a profile of the suspect from evidence at the scene. A probable sketch was also developed by Parabon NanoLabs, Inc.

“This is a reasonable facsimile what what that individual may look like using the technology available,” Marshall added.

Deputies released two sketches of what the Hispanic man could have looked like 13 years ago and what he could look like today. They say diet, smoking, facial hair and hair style could alter the image a bit, but they are confident this is the killer and somebody out there knows who he is.

“We need the help,” Marshall said. “We have spent thousands of hours on this case. We developed the profile, we’ve run it against every data base conceivable and we’ve had no results.”