Virginia Beach city council approves plans for new city hall

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – In a unanimous consent agenda vote, Virginia Beach city council approved a resolution greenlighting ‘Option 2’ as the plan forward for a new city hall.

‘Option 2’ was one of six options on the table. They ranged from additions, to new buildings. Council settled on a new three-story structure to be built adjacent to the existing city hall, between buildings numbered 1 and 2.

It will maintain a similar Georgian colonial style as the rest of the buildings on the complex.

According to Facilities Manager Tom Nicholas, ‘option 2’ received overwhelming preference at three public input sessions over the summer and also from a group of city employees surveyed.

Nicholas said the current city hall building has long been too small, it is also filled with asbestos, which would have to be abated before addressing other issues like outdated plumbing and HVAC systems.

Now that city council has given the green light for a design, Nicholas can move forward in working with an architectural firm out of Richmond to come up with detailed plans.

“I will work with Mosley architects of Richmond to start design services within a week, and they’ll get moving forward on that. But I really couldn’t start the design process until they indicated a preference,” Nichols told 10 On Your Side Tuesday afternoon, ahead of the city council vote.

He will continue to brief council on the design progress.

The cost for the design, build, and furnishings is estimated at $55,620,000. Nicholas told 10 On Your Side that right now the city has allotted $55 million, so he will have to either ask for additional funding next budget session, or, he said he will have to find a way to trim some costs by perhaps adjusting the size of the building.