Seaford musician describes chaos after Las Vegas shooting

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (WAVY) – Sunday night, Lindsay Bowman of Seaford, and her “Smoke ‘n Guns” musical duo partner Alecia Arnall, were on their first trip performing in Las Vegas.

“It started like any other normal show. We’re just singing, performing, entertaining our crowd there at the lounge,” Bowman told 10 On Your Side from her home in Nashville.

On a break inside the Aria Resort and Casino they began to learn of the horror happening less than a mile away.

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“I started receiving text messages asking if we were okay and informing us that they had heard that there was an active shooter,” she said.

Thousands of people were fleeing the nearby music festival — the scene of America’s deadliest mass shooting in modern history.

“The staff came and informed us, we’re on lockdown, you guys can keep playing, if you want to just try to make everybody calm and know that we’re okay here, but then shortly after, when people started getting the information, was when we had that mad rush of people from the casino just running in, trying to take cover, not knowing what was going on,” Bowman said. “All of the sudden, there were just hundreds of people running from the other side of the casino towards us, screaming, yelling.”

Bowman said they waited out the chaos for four hours in a basement. It wasn’t until later that they learned how many were lost in the shooting.

“It’s so tragic. It’s hard to wrap my head around, just because I am in this industry and that is what I do is perform and entertain and knowing that stuff like that is happening in my realm, in my world, that just doesn’t make sense to me,” Bowman said.