School says no direct threat made to Great Bridge High

(WAVY Photo/Matt Gregory)

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – Social media is abuzz with claims about a threat to Great Bridge High School, but the school system says there was no direct threat.

10 On Your Side has heard from many students and parents about this, so for the past two days we’ve made calls to school and police officials to confirm tips about the potential threat and the student reportedly involved.

Kellie Goral with Chesapeake Public Schools told WAVY on Monday:

There has been no threat to Great Bridge High School. School administration was made aware of social media posts with concerning undertones.  As always with any possible concern, we are in cooperating with the Chesapeake Police Department.”

Chesapeake Police spokesperson Kelly Elliott said there have been no arrests. Elliott added that there is not enough to charge the student with anything.

Tuesday, Great Bridge Principal Jeffrey Johnson sent a letter to parents and students. 10 On Your Side obtained a copy of the letter. He says he sent a Parent Alert Monday morning, then followed up with this letter Tuesday to dispel any rumors that were spreading.

The letter reads, in part:

“The school administration was made aware on Sunday evening by the Chesapeake Police that one of our students appeared to be involved in inappropriate social messaging. The police department immediately began an investigation. It is our standard protocol to also conduct an internal investigation and to have additional police officers present as a precautionary measure.

This is an active Chesapeake Police Department investigation and our school division is working closely with the police to ensure the safety of our students and assist law enforcement in any way we can. The school division must be careful with the amount of student information shared with the public to remain in compliance with the law and to avoid any compromise to the police investigation. However, I can share that any student identified by authorities as being involved has not been allowed to come back to school.”

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