ERC begins using new statement for Pay by Plate customers

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC) is using a new statement for Pay By Plate customers.

Customers will now receive one statement every 30 days that includes all trips in a 30-day period.

An image of your license plate, the amount due, the date the statement was issued, and the date payment is due are all listed at the top of the statement.

Toll Coverage on

ERC also says for unpaid tolls more than 30 days old, a $25 late fee will be added to each unpaid statement. The lower late fee only applies to the statement and not to individual transactions on the statement.

Keep in mind, during peak hours, unregistered Pay by Plate customers pay $5.25 per trip, and E-ZPass customers pay $1.95 per trip. You can sign up for an E-ZPass at this link or call (877) 762-7824.