Police: Man sexually assaulted two women at gunpoint in Newport News

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Newport News police say they have a dangerous man off the streets.

Frederick Clark, 29, is accused of sexually assaulting two woman at gunpoint earlier this month.

“It has got to be horrific,” says Newport News Police Spokesman Lou Thurston. “If we hadn’t have got this guy, he could have turned out to be a real big issue with this city, or maybe even some other city.”

Police say that on September 13, Clark pulled a gun on a woman who was sitting at the bus stop in front of the Warwick/Denbigh Shopping Center. Clark led her behind a nearby shopping center and pushed her up against the wall. The victim told him to just take her money and he slapped her on the face and told the victim not to anger him.

Court documents say Clark made the victim perform a sexual act on him. He then pulled down the victim’s pants and raped her on a platform behind the shopping center. All of this still happening at gunpoint.

The victim called police the next day in fear for her family’s safety. Detectives say when they interviewed him he told them the sex was consensual, but then he admitted he had never met the victim before that night.

Clark was charged with rape, abduction, sodomy and use of firearm in commission of a felony.

Two days later a woman was sitting in a car at the 7-Eleven on Denbigh Boulevard. She looked up and saw Clark was exposing himself in front of her car. She rolled down her window to tell him to stop.

Police tell us Clark then reached in the car and put his hands in the victim’s private area. He then jumped in her backseat, pointed the gun at the back of her head and told her to drive.

The woman then jumped out of the car and ran into the store. Police say they found him, because he used his credit card in the store right before the crime.

Clark was charged with aggravated sexual battery, carjacking, robbery, possession of firearm by felon, use of firearm in commission of a felony and sexual display: masturbation.

“You really want to get that person off the streets to prevent what he might do to the next person,” Thurston says.