Memory care residents and children paint wall mural

Photo Courtesy of Scott McCaskey

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) – Berkeley Oaks memory care community residents and local children painted a colorful creation of a local water garden motif to celebrate their home Saturday.

The inter-generational event helped promote the enjoyment and cognitive benefits of art for people with dementia. Families of the memory care residents and children along with and Berkeley Oaks’ staff also collaborated on the project.

“We are purposefully creating the mural of something representative of the area since most of the residents are from this region,” said Leslie Jones, General Manager of Berkeley Oaks. “It is another way we acknowledge and honor the legacy of each of the residents by assisting them to create something reminiscent of who they are and what is familiar to them.”

The mural is a pilot project at Berkeley Oaks and part of the Valeo Create and Compose Program. Valeo is the proprietary wellness philosophy of Solvere Senior Living, Berkeley Oaks’ management firm. Valeo focuses specifically on wellness initiatives for those with memory impairment and examines residents’ social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical well-being and supports residents and families in achieving successful aging goals. Create and Compose is one of the major tenets of Valeo and capitalizes on the therapeutic benefits that art and music offer.

“Art is a motivational and enjoyable experience that draws participants’ focus away from daily concerns and takes them on a journey of self-expression,” Jones said. “It helps them to relive fond memories and fosters their own creative processes. We are looking to having fun and artistic engagement.”