Weather conditions drawing surfers to Oceanfront

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Surfer Steven Goldburg has had some company out on the ocean as weather conditions this week have made it easier to catch a wave.

“Jose has really been bringing a good sizable wave the last week or two. The winds have been pretty favorable as well to help us enjoy the waves and be able to get out there and surf,” Goldburg says. “You’re looking for an off shore wind to make it nice and clean out there.”

At the 17th Street Surf Shop, Connor Ferris says it’s easy to tell when the surfing is good.

“First thing in the morning, people rush in to get wax, ding repair kits, and leashes,” Ferris says.

The competitive surfer has joined in on the fun.

“Surfed on Avalon yesterday morning, surfed here yesterday afternoon in Croatan, I caught it really good. It was fun,” Ferris says.

Shawn Macon was surfing off 16th Street Thursday, but said conditions were better earlier in the week.

“This past storm, Jose, just pushed in some nice, nice swell. I was out at 42nd (Street) not too long ago and it was just big and furious. You kind of just always got to be cautious, you know, make sure you’re not being dumb out there, kind of taking your time and really focusing and making sure you’re not doing something stupid,” Macon says.

Tom Gill, of Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service, said surfers should not overestimate their abilities and should always use a leash on their board and surf with someone else.