Local delegate proposes “Fenway’s law” to protect pups in daycare

PORTSMOUTH, Va (WAVY) —  A Virginia Beach delegate is proposing “Fenway’s Law” to prevent dogs from dying in daycare.

10 On Your Side first told you about Fenway Fox last month.  The dog died after being attacked by other dogs in a Newport News kennel. Delegate Jason Miyares believes there is a gap in the law and he wants to fill it. He told WAVY.com, “I saw photographs and it was heartbreaking.”

In August, employees of Coastal Dog services rushed Fenway to the emergency vet after they noticed serious wounds and bite marks. The dog underwent several surgeries before he died from infections. The owner of Coastal dog services called what happened an accident and promised to pay the owners bills.

A week later 10 On Your Side went to court for an unrelated case of another dog who died in the case of Coastal Dog Services.

Fenway’s owner came out to support the other family. Jason Fox told WAVY.com, “First, and foremost, we wanna make sure and see if/how laws can be changed as dogs are looked at as personal property in Virginia.”

Current law says boarding kennels must provide food water and shelter and must provide and pay for veterinary care for illnesses or injuries pets acquire in their care.

“If an animal becomes ill or injured while in the custody of the boarding establishment or groomer, the boarding establishment or groomer shall provide the animal with emergency veterinary treatment for the illness or injury.” § 3.2-6518.

Delegate Miyares wants to pass a new law that would require pets be supervised during free roaming time.

Miyares believes that Fenway could have been saved if someone was watching him and noticed his injuries sooner.

Miyares told 10 On Your Side that the bill is being written now. He hopes to have a draft by the end of the month and plans to bring it to lawmakers when their session starts in January.

If it passes and gets the governor’s nod it would become law July first.

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